July 31, 2006

Getting weary of this touch tone madness where the world is one big automated options menu. Is there no one alive anymore behind that shiny black receiver? I'm thinking maybe everyone is "on lunch" all day, every day.

Played hooky from my first job today to try and get some collegiate things done. I've been trying to go to school for a year now. Realizing I could be half-way down with my education by now is really frosting my cookies.

So I traveled to Scotch Plains, the roadblocks I encountered on the way were a very fitting and tangible representation of my situation right now. So I traveled over to Scotch Plains just to watch this lady pick up her phone and leave a message. And then tell me "Well, kiddo..I don't know".

Well I think thats pretty obvious.

All this could have been avoided if you had just given me my damn transcripts. I don't understand why the educational system doesn't want a student handling THEIR OWN information. Its about me afterall...its not top secret. Whats the point of sealing it then if you are just going to transmit from school to school.

Perhaps the most mind boggling question of this whole predicament is WHY can't the college admissions just copy the transcript they already have for a department literally 20 feet away. Admissions is like this renegade extremist group that has captured my transcripts and won't give them up.

So now as we enter August, I can see it unfold. I'm going to need to request another transcript because the college is a fussy bitch. It will take me one week to get in touch with who I need to, 2 weeks for the transcript and by then the scholarship funds will be all dried up and the classes will be all filled up. It's like FUCK...i'm just trying to get my learn on.

Here's to winter session! (cause fall sure as hell ain't happening)

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